Energy consumption properties in Spain. Electric, water, gas, telephone

Since 2012, Spanish law obliges energy suppliers to ask new owners for the Certificate of Habitability (CEDULA) of the house. Without it they can no longer provide you. So if you bought a house and it does not have ALL papers (so illegal or semi-illegal) you will not be able to have electricity, water, etc. !

Attention: If you do not live all year round in your home, plan to fund your bank account in Spain. Indeed, do not be surprised, even if you do not live in your home, to have to pay your energy bills. This is because in these are also included, among other things garbage taxes. You will therefore, even as a non-resident, be required to pay your local taxes, meter fees and trash taxes (basura) !!!!


The water bill is issued every 3 months.

The NET price of water (excluding tax and other additional) for 0 to 15m³ = 0.6988/m³ and from 15 to 30m³ = 1.0591

The NET price of sanitation is 0.40 €/m³ + sewers ” = 0.1678 ” = 0.2398.

So this gives in GROSS (all taxes and fees included {example 4m³ in 3 months, 11.05 € / m³ (at Hidragua in January 2015) To this amount must be added 22.36 € for the “garbage” tax (which here is automatically included in the water bill in Spain).

Good to know: If your house has a swimming pool, you should know that between April and October (pool of 7.5×3.5 meters of 44000 liters) There will be a natural evaporation due to heat of +/- 800 liters / week !! As a result you will be above 15m³ and it will take +/- 3.32 € per additional m³.


Since the installation of “smart” meters The electricity bill is paid every month.

Although many people think that their bill is expensive, you should know that the price per Kwh was one of the lowest in Europe in March 2018.

Contract 9.2 Kw = 0.135031€/Kw

62 days x 0.135031€

77.02 €


Daily consumption

153 kWh x 0.146433€



Consumption night

187 kWh x 0.059182€



Electricity tax




Supply costs

62 days x 0.057534€



Electrical protection

2 months x 5.9€











Total payable (for a period

without air conditioning or swimming pool)


154.65€ → 77.33/month

Particularity in Spain: They work by contract at KWh. You have to record the power of all your electrical appliances (fridge, freezer, air conditioning, hob, oven, microwave, pool pump etc …).  Then you need to think about the appliances that can work at the same time (fridge + washing machine + dishwasher + air-conditioning + pool pump, for example) and add up the power of these appliances. With this calculation you will get first the maximum power needed and second the minimum power needed. Plan for an additional 10% at the minimum power and you will get the necessary power for your home that you will have to negotiate with your supplier.

This is VERY important because the price of your invoice will depend heavily on !!!

 An example: A house with a heat pump of 7500 W for the air conditioning of its swimming pool, it has air-conditioning and all household appliances, its contract is 9.2 KW! This is what it gives (look at the price of the contract in relation to consumption) Invoice Nov/Dec 2014.


Heating is necessary in Spain especially from the end of December to the end of February. Because when your body is used to feeling night temperatures of 23 ° average, during this period you lose between 15 and 20 °! To heat you, here there are 3 possibilities wood fires or pellets, electric air conditioning hot / cold or a gas central heating installation (This kind of installation also works with solar panels)

The Gas will be provided to you by the delivery person of a company that you will choose freely with a contract (Repsol or Cepsa in general). Depending on the region (here in La Marina) the delivery person passes by 2 times a week.

The gas is usually sold in a small bottle of 15 Kg which costs 15.4 € / pc.

However, you should know that you are required to have your installation checked by a technician of the supplier and to replace the rubber hoses every 5 years. Price +/- 150€ including verification and replacement of pipes). If you do not have a central heating installation but just a single cylinder for the gas stove, you can opt not to have this control carried out, but in case of leak and / or explosion you will not be covered, neither by the supplier, nor by your home insurance!.


Many people wonder who, what, how and price of telecommunications in Spain.Landline (fijo): There is a national company called “Telefonica” its network is valid but usually the most expensive! Apart from them, depending on your region, you will find several operators such as TELECABLE, VODAFONE, ORANGE, YOIGO and MOVISTAR (which is actually Telefonica for Gsm), to name only the largest) They will be able to offer you with or without a contract the landline phone, ADSL, television and sometimes the complete package with Gsm subscription.

But WARNING: choose your operator, especially mobile Gsm, only after being installed and find out about the power and the network covered by each. Indeed, sometimes only a few kilometers away, an operator can have a very good coverage and power (eg 4G and 150MB) and 8 Km further no longer have 4G and drop to 10MB!

In March 2018, the Rajoy government requested that by 2020 all of Spain be covered with a speed of 300 MB!? (Who will live will see)

Knowing this, all you have to do is play in the competitive market (which is great here at this level) and find your operator.

Prices vary from single to double and depending on the type of contract but for a small example: Vodafone offers a GSM contract at 7 € / month included 100MB of data + call price 1 euro cent / minute. At the extreme they offer a subscription at 50 € / month with unlimited calls + 6GB + 2 years of YOMVI and unlimited SMS. For my part here in La Marina, I am at ‘Telecable’ Fijo (with 500 minutes per month of free call on landline to abroad) + ADSL for 25 € / month and I have a Gsm prepaid card.


 4 possibilities, satellite dish, roof antenna (Spanish channels), cable via and by the aforementioned operators or a decoder  if you wish to have only all the French/UK/German/Belgium/Holland programs.